A video summary of our mission to Zagreb, Croatia, May, 2016:

A fun trailer recapping our 2017 missions to St. Petersburg and Lima: 


In the developing world, pediatric surgical caregivers are in short supply, and advanced surgical techniques to correct relatively common pediatric congenital colorectal anomalies are often lacking. So, CTO was formed to reach out and bring this education and training to the medical doctors, surgeons and nurses all over the world so they can care for the patients in their areas who are in desperate need of this specialized care. When the local surgeons. and hospital staff are able to provide similar care for their region, we have reached our goal. We accomplish our goal by sending a surgical team that performs 5-10 operations per day on local patients over the course of the trip (1-2 weeks).These operations also serve as teaching opportunities for the local surgeons and hospital staff.  The focus is on performing the types of cases that come up frequently to help the local surgeons and nurses improve the quality of care they can offer this unique group of pediatric surgical patients. CTO strives to both anatomically repair congenital malformations and also to achieve the best possible functional outcome to help these patients enjoy the best possible quality of life. This requires long term care and close follow-up from the time of the patient's first contact, through childhood, and in some cases into adulthood. The ability to help these developing countries with this type of educational plan is the only way, we believe, to achieve sustainability. 

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