Costa Rica, Final Day...

Cloaca. Robin Williams' favorite word and a condition in a baby girl that requires a very complex pediatric colorectal surgery. In short, normally a baby girl is born with three holes - an anus, a vagina and a urethra. However, when a baby girl is born with one hole that does all three functions, this is called a cloaca. In the surgery to repair it, the rectum, vagina and bladder are separated and new holes are created to allow bowel, sexual and urinary activities to function normally. During this week's mission at Hospital Nacional de Ninos in Costa Rica (HNN), CTO was able to repair 3 cloaca patients and correct the colorectal malformations of 21 additional patients. This week's mission may be ending but this is just the beginning of our relationship with HNN. We will back again to follow up on our patients, operate on new patients and educate more surgeons with the goal of making this hospital fully sustainable. We wish Mr. Williams was still with us to see the incredible work of this global coalition.

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